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Going slow. May 21, 2013 @ 8:39 am Shark812
Improved queries, tweaks, and more to come! January 20, 2013 @ 9:35 pm Shark812
Moved to a new host. October 30, 2012 @ 9:44 am Shark812
My apologies for downtime. October 24, 2012 @ 5:15 am Shark812
Tons of servers added! 360 total! July 22, 2012 @ 4:34 am Shark812

Going slow.

Things have been going slower than I'd like.
Lots of people still submitting their servers though, that's excellent!
Matter of fact, just approved around 100 servers which were mostly COD4 and Minecraft.
Keep in mind it normally takes us a couple of days to approve them, sometimes longer if our real life comes calling.

If you haven't noticed there is a Left 4 Dead 2 serverlist now, been up over a month I believe. Really just testing the water with source games. Plan on adding more in the future.

Also, we tried adding a popup ad about a month ago.
I've decided to remove it, I was myself finding it kinda annoying so I know some of you probably were to haha.

Another note. Damn spam bots love this site. Pain in the ass.

Improved queries, tweaks, and more to come!

So, the past week a few things have been worked on.

- Improved Minecraft queries. We have implemented a simple ping query that all Minecraft servers will respond to. This will be used if the wrong query port is entered or none is entered, it only requires the connection port to work. Although, it does not contain player data.
This allows us to support a ton more servers, since not all have the full query enabled.

- Some other tweaking to the Minecraft queries so older (1.3.2 and below) servers are still fully supported.

- Implimented a much better server country detection.

More things to come soon!

Moved to a new host.

Again, sorry for the downtime.
My previous host seemed to not be able to fix their servers so I've moved the site to a new host.
Also, things should be speedier!

Everything seems to running good so far, let's hope it stays this way :)

Updates will follow.

My apologies for downtime.

I'm sorry for the downtime guys, there was a problem on the host server and it didn't get fixed til yesterday.
Everything should be fully functional as it was before.

I'll also be adding/approving more servers later today.

Also, I'm the only one maintaining this site at the moment, if there is anyone that would like to help and Moderate things or help with design, that'd be great. Just let me know.

Tons of servers added! 360 total!

Did some hunting the past week and I've added:
115 COD2 servers.
77 MW2 servers.
58 BF2 servers. (All v1.5)
50 Killing Floor servers.
37 Minecraft servers.
23 UT3 servers.
All cracked of course!

Also, fixed most of the Killing Floor server names showing in the list.


Thinking of opening a 6 player Killing Floor cracked server located in US, thoughts?

Forum tweaks and more servers added.

Done in the past week:

Tweaked Forum Layout, and Editor.
-You can add Youtube and SoundCloud to your posts..
Moved recent forum posts to left side.
Added 100 MW2 servers to list.
Added 65 COD4 servers to list.

Minecraft added and more!

From now on updates will be posted in announcement forum.

 I'm going to be implenting a lot of new stuff things next few weeks. Here's what I've done in the last week.

- Updated info in MW2 serverlist and added 50 servers to it.
- Added 100 COD4 servers.
- Added Minecraft server list + 70 servers.
- Added uptime tracking to every server!
- Updated the query script to be more efficient.

Soon I will have Uptime % displayed on every server list. Right now it's only on Minecraft's.

Well. Needed an update.

Been a while, as I've been neglecting the site.
I'm finally hanging around again and partially fixed the ip2country script.
Although, some countries aren't coming out accurate, I'll be fixing this in the coming days!

I have a few ideas for the site and will updating it more often.

Enjoy :)


All server countries have been fixed :)

Smallish Update. I need better titles.

Ok, not much. But I'm trying to be active here, a hard thing to do :P

So, the last few days I've been adding/finding more servers and adding them. Can tend to be a tedious task. Still haven't finished adding new UT3 servers, seems like a lot more have been getting cracked.

And you may have noticed the serverlists offline list is not near as lengthy as I've decided to consider servers that've been offline for 15 consecutive days to be 'inactive'. These are removed from the visible serverlists and not queried every few minutes with the rest of the servers. They will stay in the database though and still occasionally be queried just in case they decide to come back to life.
On the main page I have added their count to the Overall Stats.

Added server lists.

Added server lists for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty 2.

Feel free to add your favorite servers. On the MW2 server list I've placed  aiw:// links for easy joining using the alterIWnet.

Also did some more tweaking in the query scripts, servers are updating every 5 min.

Expect more updates.. If anyone has any requests, leave a comment or post a topic in the forums!

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