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Cracked UT3 Dedicated Server - Linux

This tutorial will show you how to first install a Unreal Tournament 3 Dedicated Server on Linux, update it with the latest patch (v2.1 aka Patch 5), and finally to crack the files to stop the server from checking CD Keys ;)
If you already have a server set up, you can skip down a bit to the cracked download part.

These first steps will install the server and update it just like you would normally.

First, you need to download the server files:


Make the file executable:

chmod +x UT3-linux-server-12172007.bin

Install the server:


A License Agreement will appear, continue through until it asks you where you want to install to.
You can go with one of the default choices or put in your own path to install to.
Whichever you choose, remember it because you'll be going there in a little bit.

Download the latest patch (v2.1 aka Patch 5):


Make the file executable:

chmod +x UT3-linux-server-04292009.bin

Install the patch:


Another License Agreement will appear, agree and it will ask where the ut3 install is. Make the same option you did earlier.

These next steps will crack the server.
Go to your UT3 server install dir root before proceeding to these next steps.

Download Crack: (Credit goes to vityan666.)


Extract & Overwrite Files:

tar xjvf UT3LinuxServerCrk.tar.bz2
cd crk
tar cf - . |(cd ../; tar xvf -)
cd ../Binaries
chmod +x
chmod +x
chmod +x vup_i686

Crack Server:

./vup_i686 -esteamation-prep ut3-bin

Almost done!
These next steps will edit your server's name that shows up in the server browser.
Go to server install dir then:

cd UTGame/Config
nano UTGame.ini

Go down under [Engine.GameReplicationInfo] and put your server's name after ServerName=
You can also do a ShortName= too.

Congratulations! You now have a Cracked UT3 Server ready!

To run your server, go to your UT3 server's root and:

cd Binaries
./ut3 Server VCTF-Suspense?bAllowJoinInProgress=True?bShouldAdvertise=True?bAllowInvites=True?log=DedicatedServer.log -nohomedir

With the above command, you'll be running a vCTF with the default settings and your server will not show up in the in-game server browser.
For that to happen you'll need to create a gamespy login for just your server. The easiest way is to launch your UT3 game and create another account through the menu there.
Once you get an account created you'll need to append this to the end of your server startup command:


Now your server will show up in the in-game browser!

For more info on customizing your startup command visit:

Recommended Install: Titan Pack

Go to your UT3 server's root dir, then:


Install unrar if you haven't already:

apt-get install unrar

Extract & Install:

unrar x UT3TitanPack.exe
cd Patch
tar cf - . |(cd ../; tar xvf -)


If you have any questions, ask in a comment below or post on the forum!
And don't forget to submit your cracked server to our list!


Wich distribution did you use to make this tutorial ?


Great tutorial. I tried it on a Debian 6 squeeze but I encountered a problem. At 43% the installation stop with the message: "File creation failed". The .bin md5 checksum is OK. Maybe using the same linux version as the one used in the tutorial would solve the problem ?

Thanx for your answer



edit: problem solved; it was a free space problem


I think i have a lil problem, i get this msg after entering this command:

¨./vup_i686 -esteamation-prep ut3-bin¨


¨Release date: 22.03.2010 00:38 AM
Know who holds the power...
Preparing to handle 1 file... Output to different destinations(-o) is DISABLED
Loading file ut3-bin into memory...  FAILED (Error:16)¨
After it i went to edit the utgame.ini and its empty....

same problem (Error:16)

all went well till this command:

¨./vup_i686 -esteamation-prep ut3-bin¨


Loading file ut3-bin into memory...  FAILED (Error:16)


Any solutions so far?

(Using Mint 11)