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Well. Needed an update.

Been a while, as I've been neglecting the site.
I'm finally hanging around again and partially fixed the ip2country script.
Although, some countries aren't coming out accurate, I'll be fixing this in the coming days!

I have a few ideas for the site and will updating it more often.

Enjoy :)


All server countries have been fixed :)


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If you re thinking of fly fishing in Alaska, you should recognize the fish species in the area, understand their preferred flies and know what to expect. So, read on for a general overview of the fish species in Alaska.

Pacific Salmon Varieties

The four most populous Pacific salmon varieties in Alaska are: silver salmon, reds or sockeyes, pinks, and Chinook or king salmons. Overall, the Pacific salmon is a great game fish that can put up a fantastic fight and pose an incredible challenge.

Pacific salmon only spawn once in their lifetime and then die. And though they don t eat upon returning to fresh water, they will strike surface and subsurface flies. Fly fishers also need to be prepared to do battle with strong fighters. With sockeyes and chums weighing in at 3 to 10 pounds and king salmon tipping the scales at 12 to 100 pounds or more, fly fishers need to be ready.

The Steelhead (Trout Family)

The steelhead is actually a type of rainbow trout, named for its beautiful silver body and steely color. Like salmon, they like to swim in open ocean or bigger lakes, however they ll spawn in nearby rivers. The steelhead will spawn multiple times in its lifetime.

Because the steelhead is rare, fast and hard to catch, it s a prized fish and a respected catch. On average,アシックス, the steelhead will weigh between 4 and 12 pounds, but can go much larger in size in the Alaskan waters. To catch the steelhead, fly fishers need to be patient and persevere.


The graying is a unique fish, easily identifiable by its high and broad dorsal fin and almost neon blue color on its body and fins. For fly fishing, Alaska graylings are both prized and easy to catch. The fish aren t very discriminating and tend to go for almost any fly.

That said, Alaska graylings do have a few preferences. They tend to like active, moving insects, smaller insects and also dry flies. The fish will also feed on minnows and crustaceans, though traditional light flies seem to be the most effective.

An Alaskan grayling will typically grow to about 4 pounds, but they re a tasty catch and well suited to the dinner table,モンブラン 作り方.

Alaskan Arctic Char

The Arctic char is a member of the trout family that prefers clean,prada 財布 メンズ, clear and cold lakes or streams to survive. They are strong, active and aggressive, but also a fantastic catch. They predominantly feed on insects, minnows, aquatic worms, fish eggs and crustaceans. Most fly fishers agree that the Arctic char is generally more gullible than its trout cousins. For fly fishing, Alaska arctic char are plentiful and easy.

Fishermen who are able to squeeze in the time to enjoy a fishing excursion off the Alaskan coastline will return home with some of their most fond lifetime memories. Not only are the fish themselves fascinating to both watch and catch (and eat!), but the beauty of the overall landscape and wildlife is breathtaking and could itself fill a picture album.
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